Baja as a great place to retire, in Mexico

Baja has a lot and enormous amount to offer retirees. Baja’s pace of life is ideal for retirement—you can relax, and still lead an active retirement. Stress levels are insignificant here.

The infrastructure is good in developed areas, and the areas you are likely to choose from are as safe as any modern town or city in your home country (in fact, Mexico has extremely tight firearms and lethal knife laws—making it statistically safer than many cities in the USA, for example).

The food is wonderful. Fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and fish are available at the local markets, and you’ll get great value for your money.  Food is also less expensive in Baja California, although prices and quality vary throughout the year, depending on the season. The variety of vegetables is also immense, including local kinds such as nopales (cactus) and chayotes. Mexico is also the home of the avocado and is the world’s biggest producer of the fruit.

Good healthcare is widely available. Baja California has great doctors, dentists, hospitals and other medical specialists. There are a range of insurance services available for you to buy to safeguard you and your dependants from the cost of private medical bills.

Your retirement income can go further in Baja California. Exactly how far will depend on your lifestyle expectations. Basic foods and drink are considerably less expensive in Mexico than they are in Europe and most places in the USA and Canada. Eating out can be less expensive too, and extremely good value for money.

If your retirement income is generated in hard currency, you will find your earnings stretch further on the basics needed for everyday living than it would in Europe, the US or Canada, for example.

Addiotionally to all this, if you consider de proximity towards the United States, Baja Californi is the ideal place to choose if you plan to retire in peace, and with all the confort available.


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