Bello Horizonte, is an emerging Eco-Community located south of San Felipe, Baja California. Out your back door, you can hike for miles enjoying the serenity of beach and the beatiful landscape provided by the Baja desert.
This is a unique eco-friendly community close to California and Arizona with plans to combine land conservation, green-built homes, organic gardening and renewable energy from wind, water, sun, and geothermal sources. Here, you can be part of designing a “net zero energy homes community,” that creates more renewable energy than it uses.

San Felipe, is only a short drive away. Offers all city services with a wide variety of restaurants, sidewalk cafes, nightlife, shopping, pharmacies, dentists, doctors, and a state of art trauma hospital, St. James Infirmary.

Discover what it’s like to live in this peaceful, sacred place in the desert of Baja California. Explore your vision for a sustainable future. Let us know what you think, you can contact us:

Belllo Horizonte, 100 % Green Community in Baja


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